Sooo I apparently was tagged by socialism-scarecrow. So now I gotta answer some questions of some sort soooo… *cracks knuckles* … lez do dis!

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1. Do you hate your name?

Not at all! I’m kinda weird and actually really like my IRL name of “Tylar”, since it’s unique yet not outlandish. It’s an uncommon-common name; common since there are plenty of “Tyler”s out there, but uncommon since not many of them have the same spelling as me. =3

2. What’s your favorite food?

… can’t say I’m sure. Maybe pizza? But I’m also very fond of pasta. And hamburgers. Yeah, I can’t really say I have one specific favorite food.

3. Do you or have you done something that your parents disprove of?

I probably have. I don’t really recall anything specific though. My parents are actually rather cool and understanding and stuff, so they don’t seem to harshly disprove of a lot of things I do.

4. Do you plan on living past 60?

Yeah, I’d say so. Don’t plan on dieing anytime soon anyway, so I’ll just assume “yes”.

5. Who’s your favorite artist, online or otherwise.

Oh god, where do I begin? Let’s see, there’s Zen, NaniMoose, Vallhund, AlekTheBeasty, and Wolfy-Nail on FurAffinity. DiachanX, Edtropolis, and Egophiliac on Deviantart. Ende26, Skipsy, Braeburned, and Vombavr here on Tumblr… yeah, I have LOTS of favorites. Online at least. ^w^”

6. Do you drink wine, unlike all these other tumblr babies?

Ehh, yes and no. If it’s more of a sweet-ish wine, yeah. Bitter wines I’m not that big of a fan of, though.

7. Do you read a lot?

Nope. Used to, but it’s something I just kinda… stopped doing. Don’t even know why, I just did,

8. What’s your favorite movie?

Hmmmm, that’s another one I can’t just give a single answer to. Die Hard, Apocalypse Now, TRON: Legacy, Bolt… at least, those are what I’d label as my favorite movies at the moment. That’s something that changes A LOT admitedly.

9. Do you think the world will be a better place in the future?

I’d like to hope so, and in certain regards I think it might. But in some ways, I’m not totally sure… and its something I’m not sure if I should think too deeply about because I might get pessimistic and depressed if I do. >_<

10. If you could remove one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Probably my depression and social anxieties, although that’s rather obvious…

11. Will you go out with me?

… well I’m flattered you’d ask, but I’m kinda taken already. XP


And since apparently I should add my own questions and stuff:

1. Do you prefer to be called by your real name or online username/nickname?

2. Do you watch anything on TV?

3. Who is your favorite fictional character? 

4. What kind of video games do you enjoy, if you play video games?

5. Do you have any fetishes you feel embarrassed to tell people about? (saying what they are if you do is totally optional. No pressure)

6. Is there anyone in particular you look up to?

7. Any favorite types of alcoholic beverages? (if you like teh booze in the first place, at least)

8. If you couldn’t live where you do now for whatever reason, where would you like to move to?

9. Boxers, briefs, or panties?

10. Is there anyone in the world you genuinely despise?

11. If you could cuddle with any fictional character (doesn’t have to be your favorite), who would it be?


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Uh? by DiachanX

I love this and need more.



Uh? by DiachanX

I love this and need more.

@socialism-scarecrow saidI wish you luck, Silky. Let the sonic flow through you. Gotta go fast forever.

Heh, thanks. Although it’s kinda hard to say I “gotta go fast forever” when I’m not playing the titular hedgehog himself, rather a villain-ish revolver-toting* theif/outlaw with a hoverbike. XP

*or, well, popgun-toting in the games. I’m not sticking ENTIRELY to game-canon though just since Fang/Nack only really made two appearances in the games. Plus he technically was shown with a revolver in early pre-release screenshots of Sonic Triple Trouble, sooo… I think it’s safe to say I could have him still use one.

And yes, he totally could be all hipster and say he was a Sonic character who used guns before they were “cool”/edgy



My sexual orientation is girls who look like they could beat me up and boys who look like they wouldn’t stand a chance

That’s… Scarily accurate for me.

No offence to my boyfriend. XD

What!? Are you insinuating that I wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight against you?! XP

…you’re right. I’m a total wimp. >w>


Sonic: OVA Derp Face master-post.

Looking For Zone Members



Hello friends. Kelly and I have had these blogs since January and it’s pretty obvious that we’re going to continue on. That being said, we would really like to have more people in our zone to interact with. There are a number of characters available, as we have been mostly just interacting with each other and/or writing other characters ourselves. 

If you are interested, please send me a fanmail to my Tails at  devotedsidekick or at my personal, miles-electric detailing which character it is that you’d like to play. You don’t have to be an amazing writer. Just have a grasp on the English language. gottagofasterer and I will discuss our candidates and choose who we think would be a good fit for us.

I know that probably makes it sound like we’re tough and hard to get along with but I guarantee you that we are anything but! We just want people who are committed and are going to be active. 

Things you should know about this zone.

  • Mostly game canon, aged up. Sonic will be 24 in June. Tails is 17.
  • This verse contains sonic and tails shipping.
  • We have a spectacular Eggman doceggman . He’s fun to bug the crap out of. I ruv u Chase. Plugs you for no god damn reason.
  • Overall Kelly (Sonic), Chase (Eggman), and I (as Tails) have been rping together for 2 years. I love them much.

If you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer them!

Characters Taken

Welp, I’m trying something new…

I’m getting involved in a Tumblr RP. A Sonic-based Tumblr RP. And I’m playing Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel

Kinda nervous, since I’ve never tried RP-ing on here before. Aaaand I’m doing so with a group of folks I don’t totally know, but hey! Could be fun.